Watch a television newscast and an online newscast of your choice.Write a 1100 word document and addresses the following:- Does either newscast use a marketing perspective to attract audiences? If so, how? If not, why not? –  Are the sources used in the news stories appropriate or credible? Why or why not?- Do any of the news stories in the broadcast appear to be biased? If so, how did you recognize the bias? If not, how did the story appear to avoid bias?- Do any of the news stories include presentations of racial or gender stereotypes? If so, in what way?- Do any of the news stories appear to be fabricated? Why or why not?- Do any of the stories appear to be incomplete or require more context for viewers to fully understand the meaning?- If the newscast is biased in some way, what are your suggestions for making it more fair and balanced?- Do you think the World Wide Web and the Internet now affect political points of view to a greater extent than other media do? Provide a rationale for your position.