Math 2110 Project


For this project, you will select a data set, describe it, and analyze it. I have assigned intermediate due dates below.
1. Descriptive. Select and describe your data set. Write a summary of your data. Include what the research question was, where and when the data were collected, and what variables were collected. Then use appropriate graphical and numerical summaries to describe the data set. I will post a template for you to use to write this summary.
I have posted a link to several more data sets on the course D2L page. Look under Content, then Datasets.
The draft/descriptive part of this project is due Thursday, October 10.

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2. Inferential. Use your data set and whatever statistical tools are appropriate to address the research question. I can give less guidance on this part of the project right now, because how you approach this depends on the research question. However, you will probably create confidence intervals and perform hypothesis tests. Make sure to verify that the assumptions behind each statistical tool hold and to explain the meaning of any conclusions.
The report you turn in for this part of the project should contain the descriptive analysis as well as the inferential analysis. The final project is due Thursday, December 5.


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