Dependency Please tell me more about American Airlines and Comcast beyond both serving American’s. Go a little further. I like this, ‘This shows that the two companies greatly rely on people for their existence; in addition to offering their services in the United States, they also offer their services on the international scale.’ But – what other areas do you notice? Also you said, ‘Through the product life cycle, the businesses are able to innovate a product that is likely to meet the customers’ demands; therefore, enabling the businesses to make profits from the new product.  Through this theory, the firms will be able to conceive an idea of a new product.’ How? More than your following……what happens throughout the life cycle? Why is this so important to firms? Very good as far as you’ve taken this discussion – keep going. Ecology and Cascades You stated, ‘Through this theory, businesses can learn how to survive in competitive environments, through analyzing their competitors and imitating their activities thus being in a position to compete against them.’ What would you look at as a marketer, to compete with competitors – what they offer or what they don’t offer? Which do you believe is more important and why?