Do the following: For this assignment u will view/listen to a speech and answer questions related to the readings.Directions to complete assignment: to successfully complete this assignment u should follow these steps:1. Watch the video at Answer the questions on the worksheet in paragraph.Grading: To receive full participation points, u must meet the following criteria:1. Content: Answers should be original thoughts expressing your opinion, Provide rationale for answers to support your opinion based on weekly reading/presentations.2. Syntax and Structure: No more than 2 errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization, Use a complete sentences, written in paragraph format; minimum 5 sentences per paragraph, formatting of document(12 point, black font, single-spaced.3. Tone: Tone of writing is business professional.Questions:1. What structure would u say this speech follows? What words or sections tell u this.2. What main points are stated clearly at the start of the speech?3. How does the tone of the speaker impact your listening/perception/reception of the words being spoken?4. What types of gestures do u think the speaker used during the speech? What words and tones contribute to your opinion?