I just want to u write one paper following this structure :Write and borrow (with proper citations) a code of ethics and/or conduct for this Information Security class. This document should detail the behavior of your table’s group members throughout this course and your career. This is the foundation to prove you are worthy of handling the knowledge of how to expose vulnerabilities. It should be at least 4 pages. Note: References are provide for you under the External Links’ Ethics / Conduct Codes Folder. The paper should consist of in-text citations (page # or para #), works cited (bibliography), & written as a collective whole. An appendix containing all group members printed names & signatures must be included to receive credit for this assignment.and here a link that u can pick up the topic just one topic http://www.acm.org/about/code-of-ethicspick the first one which named GENERAL MORAL IMPERATIVESand write one paper also use references I want it at least by midnight or after