The book you need to answer the questions: 10 questions:1- In order to properly manage an information systems project, name a unique feature/element that must be considered. Note: Your feature/element must be unique from other student postings and you must comment on one other student’s thread under this forum.Here’s one student’s thread you need to put your comment under this thread:In order to properly manage an information systems project, it is necessary to seek expert assistance. Even experienced project managers are advised to do this when engaging in a formal bidding process to select advanced or integrated technologies or outsourced services (443). Basically, it is necessary to consider the advice and opinions of other people and experts that would be able to provide useful and valuable information. Seeking help from experts, aside from all of the other project management steps, can make the project so much easier to complete because the manager is basically getting guidance from other people instead of simply relying on only their own knowledge.Source: Textbook pg. 4432- List a specific Implementation Conversion Strategy and give a ‘real world’ example of this strategy put to practice.3- Please list your position on outsourcing both (nationally and internationally). Comment on two other students’ postings under this forum.Here’s two other student’s posting you need to ut your comment under each posting:a- I think outsourcing within the nation is always worth while if proven the job can be done better while assuring the atleast the same quality as the previous employee, while outsourcing to another country may be cheaper, i think the quality of work they end up doing isnt always the best if youre are looking for the best.b- My position on outsourcing nationally is beneficial to the US. Outsourcing within the states enables companies to generate better revenue recognition and to provide them with a competitive advantage. Some benefits involved with outsourcing are you can control IT costs, reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and competiveness, etc. Now I feel like outsourcing internationally is a different story. Since you are outsourcing with a different country, language or cultural barriers can add to the complexity, and different time zones can cause as many problems as they solve.—————————–Chapter 11 questions:1- Describe where and how the information security function should be positioned within organizations.2- Are background checks a fair and/or accurate assessment of a potential employee’s performance? 3- Who does and who should have control of the information about us? In an information age, information about individuals is overwhelming! Complete the following exercises and describe your findings in this posting:Google search yourelfResearch your’s, your parent’s, or a friend’s house value in MD at a Judicial Case Search for someone in MD at up a home phone number using google or a reverse phone lookup.IMPORTANT THING:DON’T FORGET TO PUT  AND WRITE YOUR SOURCE UNDER EACH QUESTION YOU HAVE ANSWER !!!! OR I WON’T ACCEPT YOUR ANSWER BECAUSE IT REQUIRES ME TO WRITE THE SOURCE FOR EACH QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!