Find an example of a persuasive argument (it might be found in a part of a speech, a scene in a movie, a news story, an opinion posted on an Internet blog, or a sports show). Be sure to select an argument that is appropriate for this assignment. Do not try to analyze the argument of an entire movie or book or play.Include a text version of the argument at the end of the paper.In a paper of 750-1,000 words, apply Aristotle’s ideas to the argument by doing the following:1. Point out language that is used to appeal to pathos (emotions).2. Point out language that is used to appeal to logos (reason).3. What language establishes the speaker’s credibility or ethos?4. What does the speaker say to show they are honest?5. Why should you think of the speaker as an expert on the subject?6. What do they say to show they sincerely care about the listener’s needs?Conclude by evaluating the effectiveness of the argument.1. Did it work?2. Why was it good or bad?3. What were the strongest and weakest parts of the persuasion?

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