human brain interface

  1. Term paper
    • A term paper can discuss the ethical issues of contemporary or emerging technological development.
    • Examples include human brain interface, autonomous vehicles, smart toys, big data envision to privacy, etc.
    • The paper is expected to focus on one or a few real-world cases.
    • A description of the problem with references and a discussion that highlights your understanding are expected
  2. Term Paper
    • The term paper is a group assignment.
    • A term paper can be up to 5 pages (excluding references), single-spaced, and single-column. Each page has a 1-inch margin on all sides.
    • This format will be strictly enforced and failure to follow this format will result in a penalty of 20% of the total grade of the term paper.
    • Each term paper must include a section before the title of the paper that states the contributions from the group members and gives a percentage of efforts.
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