Human Body Co. Metabolic Unit Application

Submission for Week 9 DB: Mineral Applications

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Read the following instructions carefully!

Instructions: Choose 2 minerals (1 major and 1 trace) and complete the following“job” application for the Human Body Co.Actions

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Purpose is to creatively take the information from this week’s material and modules and apply to a job application for the nutrient you choose.  You want the job and so you will represent yourself well and clearly speak to the attributes and characteristics about your qualities that clearly the body needs.  Get yourself hired! Have fun with this and be creative!

   Fill out one application for each mineral chosen as if you were that mineral and you wanted a job working in the human body. Use complete sentences unless otherwise directed.  You may use your book and the online resources available in the module to help you with your application.

This assignment will help you understand the roles of minerals in the body and their synergistic relationships to other minerals/compounds in the body. Be specific in your descriptions and use metabolic examples when appropriate.  Do not be afraid to get creative with your application.  When in doubt, ask me!

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Complete the Mineral Application

 for both a major and a trace mineral for this week’s assignment.  Next

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