How do drugs work to affect the brain? Describe the action of cocaine on the dopamine receptors in the brain.

Writing Assignment – Instructions

Part A

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1. Turn on your computer sound and visit

(If for any reason the link does not work, you can google “Mouse Party” and it will show up as “Mouse Party – Learn Genetics”).
2. Drag ONE mouse over to the chair.
3. Watch the 4-5 slide presentation on what the drug does to the brain. Click “Next” to move to the next slide. Eject the mouse when you are done.
4. Write a minimum of an 8 sentence paragraph describing how this ONE drug effects the brain. You only need to pick one drug to write about. “The drug I picked was X” does not count towards your total. Please write like a college student.
IMPORTANT: I know what the text says for each mouse and I can easily tell if you copy it. If copy it you will FAIL THE ASSIGNMENT for plagiarism. Put the drug description in your own words and you will be fine.

Part B

1. Open the notes called “Drugs and Tobacco”.

2. Answer any 5 of the following questions with a minimum of an 8 sentence paragraph for each question. YOU WILL BE WRITING FIVE DIFFERENT PARAGRAPHS HERE.

Question A: Describe the before and after pictures of cocaine use that you see in the notes. What type of drug is cocaine and why is it so addictive?

Question B: How do drugs work to affect the brain? Describe the action of cocaine on the dopamine receptors in the brain.

Question C: What category of stimulant drugs can be made using a combination of over the counter drugs? What do these drugs do to the body? Can they be used safely for medicinal purposes?

Question D: Describe what a hallucinogen is and how it affects the brain and the body as a whole.

Question E: There are several solutions to the illegal drug problem in America that are listed in the notes. What solution do you think has the most potential to affect school age children in the most positive manner? How are celebrities and death from overdoses portrayed in the media likely to influence young adults?

Question F: Table 13.1 (slide #31) shows the percentage of people that smoke among select groups of people. Which factor is most likely to impact whether a person smokes or not? Do you find this to be surprising, why or why not? Do you agree that college campuses like HCC should be smoke free, why or why not?

Question G: Describe the effects of smoking on the body and the overall health of the smoker.

Question H: Describe the effects of quitting tobacco use on the smoker’s body.


1. Use the “Writing Assignment Submission” document to submit your report. Do NOT use this document.

2. Name the document “YourName.WritingAssign”.

3. Only the document you upload will be graded (make sure you select the correct one).

4. Do NOT pdf your submission.


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