Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Fedex Technology It Needs To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on FedEx Technology. It needs to be at least 750 words.

FedEx case study presents a number of logistical problems including tracking goods problem caused by the airline’s reliance on disjointed data, delays in the assortment of goods and packaging, increased operating costs, overworked fast-cycle logistic system as well as a centralized structure for the airline. Tracking goods in is one of the major issues affecting the success of cargo airline because it determines the timely delivery of goods to perspective clients.&nbsp. Notably, FedEx lacks proper tracking of goods that arrive from various destinations. hence, affecting some of the goods that arrive without the consent of the airline because management efficacy of the flow of goods solely depends on the capability to track goods from the origin to the client. Failure to tack all goods in an effective manner leads to the airline failure to meet the requirements by customer, which is a major logistical problem. Although delayed flights primarily cause sorting process inconsistencies, &nbsp.&nbsp.the consequence of increased costs is a logistical problem because FedEx should have a system that ensures delayed flights are sorted in a special isolated warehouse. This&nbsp. ensures that the delayed arrival flight does not affect the departure, which is done by ensuring that the sorting process is done faster than it would be done by the existing package-sorting system at MEM.&nbsp. The case study indicates that the fast-cycle logistics push is compressed particularly at night. hence, overworked because of the airlines centralized location, which is a logistical problem because the airline’s structure fails to streamline operations and monitoring costs. A single cargo flight delay consequences are just more than time and can have substantial effect on the cost of business because it contributes to the upward trend on the operating cost. The initial effect on the cost on business will be paying overtime expenses to the pilot and the crew.&nbsp. The airline deals with time-sensitive cargo. hence, is prone to compensating customers of delayed time-sensitive goods such as horticulture products meant for specific timely occasions.&nbsp.

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