Health concern

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Identify the Population   Health concern you selected.

Health care cost


Describe the Population   Health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it.

Middle class to low income   American

This population was chosen as it is the most   affected by health care costs in todays society


Administration (President   Name)

Donald Trump

Barrack Obama

George W. Bush


Describe the administrative   agenda focus related to this issue for the current and two previous   presidents.

· He   promises replace Obama care allowing the consumer to have insurers fighting   for their business making it more affordable for the middle class to low   income family

· Eliminate   insurance fees for the consumer who does not have a health insurance policy

· Eliminated   the payments made to the insurers that made it more likely for them to be   involved hit the health market

· He   allowed short term plans to be available for people up to three years.

· He   is making price transparency easier for the consumer to understand, which   drives down the cost and drives up the quality of service provided

· Prescription   drug prices are dropping making them more affordable.

· Requires   hospitals to make their prices available online so the consumer can shop   around

· Forcing   insurance providers to must provide cost estimates to the public to give them   an idea of what they will be paying out of pocket

· He   promised to make affordable health care a right for the consumer but not a   privilege.

· Allowed   children until the age of 26 to be covered by their parent’s insurance

· Prohibited   the cancellation of policies for people with costly illnesses

· Established   a health insurance marketplace

· Required   all Americans who could afford insurance to purchase it which he expected to   drive the cost of insurance down

· Expanded   community health centers and provided incentives for primary care doctors to   practice in communities in need

· Covered   HIV testing and treatment

· Established   finical assistance for those who cannot afford insurance without it.

· Gave   tax credits to small business owners who provided insurance to their staff.

· Had   payments from Medicare patients linked to quality of care

· Eliminated   coverage denials due to pre-existing conditions

· He   promised to expand coverage, improve cost, and improve quality of care.

· Created   the tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) which eliminated out of pocket tax   payments for health care items for the consumer

· Made   the price transparent to the consumer allowing them to know what they paid   and what the insurance paid to the doctor


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