Week 5 – Final PaperFinal PaperFor your Final Paper, you will apply the knowledge and skills acquiredthroughout the course to analyze and interpret a dataset containinghealth-related variables to answer health research questions.   Due to the current increase ofdiabetes in children, studying factors that affect its occurrence and evolutionis very important.  Obesity is one of the key factors affecting childhooddiabetes and health practitioners frequently use the Body Mass Index (B.M.I.)to assess whether or not a child is obese.  In the attached Excel document, you will find data on the B.M.I., fasting blood sugarlevels (F.B.S.), gender (Male or Female), and the clinic where this informationwas collected (clinic A, B, or C) for a group of children age 10-14.  Thepurpose of your study is to analyze any possible relationships among the givenvariables.  There are three tabs at the bottom of the Excel file whichrepresent different data set pages: “All Variables”, “B.M.I. of Boys andGirls”, and “F.B.S. by Clinic”.  The “All Variables” page is formatted theway you would typically see this data displayed in current data analysis. The first column represents the subject’s I.D. number, the second columndenotes gender (M/F), the third is B.M.I., and the last is their F.B.Slevel.  Each row corresponds to a child in the dataset, with his/hercorresponding characteristics.  For example, the study participant withthe I.D. number 10 is a boy (Gender=M), who was assessed at clinic B, has aB.M.I. of 28 and an F.B.S. of 92.  Week 5.xlsxWeek 5 #3 Question.xlsxWeek 5 #2 question.xlsxWeek 5 Frequency_Distribution_Table_in_Excel_Nominal_Data.pdfWeek 5 Excel Dataset.xlsxAny statistical analyses needed forthis paper, including the corresponding Excel steps and procedures, areexplained in your course text with the exception of providing descriptivestatistics (frequencies) for nominal variables.  Descriptive statisticsprocedures for continuous variables are included in Chapter 1 of your course text. Instructions and information on descriptive statistics (frequencies) fornominal variables are provided in the How to make a frequencydistribution table for nominal data in Excelresource.