Can someone help me with a research report, details are below:You will be evaluated on how well you DISTILL and arrange information that is relavant to your audience.Choose a challenging culture that requires some research and strategy to connect it to your audience.  In otherwords, if you choose ‘Canada’ and ‘CyberSecurity’ meeting—- I won’t assume you had much investigation to fashion a quick summary or overview.On the otherhand, if you choose Cameroon, and your report gives a quick overview for mining executives about the ‘lay of the land’, business acumen, and cultural protocols, that would impress me.You may use tried and true sources like CIA FACTBOOK for accurate information about population and GNP.You might also gain insight by looking at country embassy sites where countries are projecting their own image of their country to tourists or business entrepeneurs.You can use a Powerpoint w/ photos or a memorandum format for this assignment.Here is the syllabus:Assignment _8 Global.pdf