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Commercial Banking Equity Analyst Report

Due: in 12 hours

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On the first page, include:

1) Bank name and logo

2) A summary of stats like…(you pick the rating….buy, sell, hold, outperform, etc.)
3) A one year stock performance chart that looks something like….

4) A 250 word executive summary that describes the bank and describes your view of the stock price direction and why.

On the second page, include a detailed description of the  bank including its lines of business, geographic focus, and how the bank  is differentiated from its competitors.

On the third page, include a description of the bank’s recent operating performance and financial position. Be sure to describe any growth trends, changes in key metrics, significant investment areas, etc. Add charts at your discretion.

On the fourth page, include:

1) a chart that shows key financial metrics for your bank compared  with at least 3 of its competitors. I suggest that your chart show the  banks going across the top of the chart horizontally and the metrics  going down vertically. Be sure to include metrics like ROA, ROE, NIM,  efficiency ratio, and at least four other metrics of your choosing.

2) A summary of strengths and weaknesses…at least three of each. List them with a short description of each one.

On the fifth page, in about 100 words, state your recommendation on the stock and why. Provide your target stock price for one year from now.


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