family therapy

You wanted to work with childhood victims of sexual assault, but now, sitting in front of you, you have a mother who you firmly believe knew about the continuous sexual assaults perpetrated on her ten- and twelve-year-old daughters but did nothing to stop it because her drug-dealing boyfriend was providing her with money, a car, and luxury furnishings for her apartment. The problem is that no one can prove that. The mother was overwrought when the school counselor found out and reported the assaults, and her story was believed, both by the cops and in the courtroom; thus, the girls have been left in her custody. You have been assigned to work with her in family therapy, and you are about to have your first session with her.

Present a brief summary of the scenario and address the following questions (approximately 275-300 words). What preconceived notions do you have going in—what are you REALLY thinking about her?  Indeed, how would you prepare yourself to treat the mother as a victim/survivor as well? What would be your treatment protocol? Review your emotions in reacting to all of the above scenarios. What is there about this kind of crisis that makes it so potent and emotional for us?

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