Evaluation Tool

In this part of the Evaluation Project, you construct an evaluation plan by aggregating all of your work on the project thus far into one cohesive document. The document should contain your PICO question, literature review (with summary table), evaluation methodology, and evaluation tool.

To prepare:

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Consider the issues or concerns you might have when developing an evaluation plan. Reflect on the ethical issues you and your colleagues identified in the Week 9 Discussion.

Reflect on potential limitations and opportunities (Note: This topic will be addressed in the Week 10 Discussion).

To complete Part 6 of the Evaluation Project:

In no more than 10 pages, aggregate all of your work on the Evaluation Project so far into a single document. This document should contain:

Your PICO question

An explanation of the goals of your evaluation plan

Literature review (with summary table as an appendix)

Evaluation methodology (including research design)

Evaluation tool

A description of any ethical issues or concerns you may have with implementing your plan and how you could handle them if they arose

A summary of the criteria you will use to define the success of your plan and how you will disseminate findings

An outline of limitations to the scope of the plan and opportunities resulting from your evaluation plan


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