entire final research project.

You are NOT duplicating/covering your entire final research project.

You ARE introducing the main points? Picking out one specific point that you find most interesting? Making a “commercial” for your final research project????

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12-15 minutes


icebreaker activity (video; 1-2 question kahoot; polleverywhere; short activity, Q&A)

multimedia – mix things up: powerpoint + discussion + whiteboard + ? ? ? ?

back up plan for if the computer fails (poster(s))? handouts? practice whiteboard drawings?)


The Final research requirements:

-Introduction: situate the community, the research question, and the necessary background
-Review of Literature: Synthesize the existing conversation using your 3-4 library sources (scholarly journals, ebooks, books, that come from the Alvin Sherman Library or its Web site.
-Analysis of Primary Research (your reports): analyze observation and survey/interview materials in context with the review of literature
-Conclusion: explain what can be concluded about your research question, the community of study, and how fellow researchers might move forward with their work
-References: only cite the references you have used in your paper. A minimum of 3 library sources must be included in your final paper.



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