This is what my paper is on, only have 20 dollarsDistance learning, also known as online learning, for the high school student population has been increasing as an alternative model of education. Define and explain how this distance-learning environment is different from the more traditional model of a high school. Research, discuss, and explain several of the pros and cons of this type of learning for this specific population. Make your own argument either for or against online learning for high school students and support your viewpoint by using the research you have found to support your argument. Finally, explain why this is an important issue to discuss1.  annotated bibliography Each of the sources should be cited in APA format and should include a two-paragraph summary, or annotation, of the resource contents and how you intend to use the information within your paper. 6 source Select at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from search that support the topics and arguments you plan2.  Format your assignment as a full-sentence outline in APA style that includes source material from at least two scholarly sources from annotated from number 1.3.  An introduction that features a thesis statement that is clearly articulated and argumentative and/or analytical. Ideally, the introduction should be a single, compelling paragraph.Body paragraphs that develop at least one research-supported argument. (Note: The body of your paper should feature in-text citations that leverage at least four different sources.)4.  Need to be 12 pg.