Imagine you have recently been hired as a teacher on special assignment by the superintendent.  You have been asked to develop a list of five to seven movements in the field of educational technology that you believe the K-12 large, urban school district should pay attention to. Directions:In your post, please provide a brief introduction describing the steps you took to determine the five to seven movements. Also, each movement should include a description with some practical uses that will impact learning. For example:Badges – badges can be powerful symbolism used by educators to reinforce desired behaviors of students, i.e., one could develop a critical thinking badge, a character badge, etc, and award badges when students demonstrate the type of behaviors associated with the description of the badges. This type of reinforcement increases motivation and captures elements of Bandura’s theories of social learning (i.e., modeling).Hint: Check out the Horizon Report for insight and some possible examples to consider.  If you have never heard of the Horizon report, well, Google it.