Dynamic Project Assignment


Project Assignment
For the project, you will learn how to use the impact equations in terms of a real situation. Let’s revisit the tennis ball launcher we analyzed previously. Just as before, assume that ct = 16°, v = 31 and that the tennis ball impacts the court the same way it did in homework 3. Before moving on to the problem, please discuss the following topics in your report. You should create any appropriate sections are subsections.
I. When is conservation of momentum valid?
2. What is impact?
3. What is the difference between central impact and oblique impact?
Your job will be to calculate the maximum height the tennis ball will reach after it impacts the ground from the serve. We can assume the player on the other side does not hit the ball until it reaches the maximum height. Assume that the ball has a speed, ro, and hits at an angle, a, just before impact. Please do the following:
4. Derive an expression for the maximum height after impact. You answer should only be in terms of v,e,a, and g. Please simplify your expression to be as simple as possible. Please show enough steps in the derivation in your report that another engineer would be able to easily follow your work. 5. Substitute in numbers to check your answer found in part 4. Assume e = 0.63. Does your answer seem reasonable? Please discuss.

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