What is the difference between “recording” and “ordering” a test on the TX tab? Why do you think the software is designed to carry searches from one tab to another?Now that you have progressed through the Medcin EHR system as demonstrated in your text, think about the many tools available to engage patients in their own healthcare. Discuss why you think the patient should become more involved in their own healthcare.Will this engagement assist the patient in managing and possibly preventing diseases?What visual aids did you find in Medcin that can be useful in educating the patient?How would you demonstrate those tools (visual aids)?Review the Real-Life Story “Contingency Plans Ensure Continued Ability to Deliver Care” on page 400 in Gartee’s Electronic Health Records. What type of contingency plan would you put in place in case of computer failure? List step by step what the policy would be and the procedures to follow that policy. The list should include at least six steps..Please I need by tomorrow and I have a test to take but I got that cover

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