Review Super Storm Nemo Monster Waves (go to and search for Super Storm Nemo Monster Waves), hosted by YouTube. In this video, waves on the Atlantic Ocean hit the beach near Boston, MA, during a winter storm.  Some people would think of this as very scary evidence of how dangerous severe weather can be. One of those people might describe the experience this way: The angry waves beat on the beach with monstrous force. The frigid ocean water hit the street and the street signs with fury. As the water rose again and again, one could hear the wind roaring and driving it toward the land, uncontrollably. It would destroy everything in its path Other people might see in it the grand power of nature.  Their description would be considerably different, perhaps more like this: The magnificent Atlantic waves rose and crashed on the asphalt, while  the wind sang its booming song. As the ocean did its crazy dance on the beach, anyone watching could see that, if left to itself, it would scrub the street and its signs and the cement right off its border. One could almost imagine the sea grasses and bright wildflowers  growing there again.  Now, write your own sentences describing what a person would SEE or FEEL as he/she stood in the presence of this storm. Write one sentence for each of the five senses. For example: (Sight)I saw the gray water rise up like monster. Sight: Sound: Touch: Smell: Taste: When you have a sentence for each sense, put all of the sentences together in a cohesive, descriptive paragraph. Remember, a complete paragraph should have a topic sentence, sensory details (adjectives), and a concluding sentence. *Note: you might have to modify your sentences so that they aren’t redundant.