WATCH New Ship Smell (go to, search for New Ship Smell), Not a Waterslide (go to, search for Carnival Cruise Commercial 2011), and Lunch is Served (go to, search Carnival Cruise Bear Looks Norwegian). Now, remember a time you went on vacation, camping, or to a party and had a great time.  Recall the sensory details. Use the questions below to guide your description of what you remember.  Use adjectives (describing words) that create a picture of your experience. Describe something you remember seeing. How did it look? (sight)?Describe something you remember smelling. (smell)Describe something you touched. (touch)How did this experience make you feel? (emotions )What sounds can you remember hearing? (sound)What did you eat there? How did it taste? (taste)In responding to another student’s post, identify four sensory adjectives and replace them with your own choices. [For example: A thick steak sizzled over the open flames.  You could replace the adjective “open” with “jumping.”]