This forum is based on┬áChapter 7: Creating a Flexible Organization. Supplemental Articles Company Culture Tips from the Best Places to Work ‘Hot Desking’ trend grows: No offices or assigned seating at new Deloitte headquarters Based on your reading and the link provided, respond to one of the following questions (SELECT ONE of the TWO questions): How does the corporate culture play a factor in an organization? Compare and contrast two organizational culture (name specific companies and their culture (see textbook) in your response). Why do they have differences and is their organization effective? Be specific in your examples. Consider some of the major considerations for organizing a business as mentioned in the section chapter (i.e. job design, departmentalization, etc.). Choose two of these factors and describe how a company (be specific) would structure these to benefit the overall goals of the organization. For example, does Google have a centralized or decentralized organization? What is their span of management? What patterns of decision making at the organization lead to this conclusion? Does this work? Explain your answers.