Development Theory

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Development Theory.Download file to see previous pages… Developmental Theories This section focuses on the development of Benjamin as outlined in the movie

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Development Theory.

Download file to see previous pages…Developmental Theories This section focuses on the development of Benjamin as outlined in the movie. Benjamin experiences an abnormal life development process. He spends his lifetime experiencing events of the opposite spectrum. He is forced to deal with the hardships and frustrations of being different. The movie demonstrates human development reversely. The theories of development are used to explain the Benjamin’s development. Conclusion This section concludes the movie. The cognitive development theory is an appropriate theory for explaining the development of Benjamin. This theory states that children and people have the abilities to generate knowledge and understanding of their world. Development Theory Development theory refers to a collective vision or conglomerate of theories that explain how desirable change in a society is achieved. The development theories draw on several social science approaches and disciplines. Development theory provides a platform for exploring and thinking about human development, learning and growth. The theories also provide a framework for understanding what motivates human behaviors and thoughts (Nederveen, 2010). This case will explore the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button based on the development theories. The movie highlights the life of a man called Benjamin. Benjamin had an opposite life to the life of other people. In this case, his aging was reverse. He was born as an old man and as life progressed, he became younger. After he was born, Benjamin’s father abandoned him because of his unusual appearance and his mother died after giving birth. The development theories are applicable to the movie. These development theories include the psychoanalytic, learning together with cognitive theory. Summary of the Movie The movie starts with an elderly Daisy who is bedridden in a hospital in New Orleans. Daisy asks her daughter to read the diary of Benjamin Button. The reading of the diary introduces the audience to the life of Benjamin Button who was born with a physical and appearance malady that is associated with old men. His father abandoned him after his mother died during delivery. Benjamin’s father left him at a nursing home. At the nursing home, Mr. Weathers and Queenie find the baby. Queenie decides to care for the baby as her own child. Seven years after being born, Benjamin learns to walk. After a short while, he is forced to use crutches in order to move around. He met Daisy, a six-year-old girl, whose mother lived at the nursing home. He gained employment on a tugboat. He also meets his father though his father does not reveal his identity to him. Benjamin works with the crew of the tugboat and they even engage themselves in the Second World War, leading to the explosion of a German submarine. As Benjamin grows old, he is physically transformed reversely. Instead of aging as he grows older, Benjamin becomes a teenager and infant. At the end of the movie, social workers contact Daisy and tell her that they found Benjamin, a preteen, living in a condemned building. The social workers decided to contact Daisy because they found her name on Benjamin’s dairy. The social workers are bewildered by the physical and mental state of Benjamin to the extent that they say that he has dementia. Daisy decides to take care of Benjamin, who has been placed in a nursing home. Benjamin dies in the arms of Daisy as an infant aged 84 years.

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