Assignment: Security Threats Assignment Preparation  Activities include completing the Skillsoft courses, the unit reviews, the chapter review, the Business Plug-In review, independent student reading, and research. Complete the following Skillsoft courses:1. NFPA 1600 Business Continuity Programs2. Introduction to Information Security3. Introducing Cloud Computing4. Moving Business Services into the Cloud Review Closing Case One, ‘BBC Taps Web 3.0 for New Music Site,’ in Unit 1, ‘Achieving Business Success,’ of Business Driven Technology. Review Opening Case, ‘E-espionage,’ in Unit 5, ‘Transforming Organizations,’ of Business Driven Technology. Review the ‘Mobile Workforce Trends,’ section in Ch. 16, ‘Integrating Wireless Technology in Business,’ of Business Driven Technology. Review Business Plug-In B6, ‘Information Security,’ of Business Driven Technology. Assignment Develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or an audio recording summarizing the important and relevant aspects from these readings, and explain how these security issue affect business CRM, SCM, and ERP. In the presentation conclude the following: 1. Speaker notes2. References with citation in the notes

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