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ACME Motors recently opened a new dealership to sell locally here in San Diego in the Poway area. As part of their new setup they will not only sell, but also service and repair ACME vehicles. They are in need of a parts inventory, maintenance and sales system to support their service bay operations.

Unfortunately, they have looked at buying COTS existing packages from ImaginaSoft but found the cost and time to deploy un-acceptable given their impending new launch of the new much sought after ACME Electric Hybrid convertible sports car among other new model lines. They are looking for a crack team of software professionals to come in there and get a small but reliable system up and running to support operations immediately, and then evolve the system as time goes by.

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· Design a conceptual database on one of the three scenarios above.

· ER Diagrams in Crow’s foot notation using Visio or graphic modeling software of your choice which include entities and their relationships.

· At least 5 business rules

· An introduction that outlines your proposal of at least 250 words

· A conclusion paragraph of at least 250 words

· Tables created with reasonable representative data values

· Example of five SQL scripts to illustrate your business rules.

· Describe how YOUR Database will provide your client with the advantages of better data quality, end-user productivity, data sharing, data security, data access and increased decision making.

Requirements of final written Project Report:

Each individual will complete and submit a report based on ONE of the three scenarios

Paper will be APA style format; double-spaced, using times new roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around.

The entire paper should be no more than 7 pages including title page, and references. No abstract is required. I expect close to five pages of content which includes tables and diagrams.

The paper should contain only substantive, relevant information.

Use at least 3 citations/references


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