Crisis Intervention works

Complete Three Page Paper

In a three-page essay, you will apply the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention using critical thinking and Kubler-Ross’ five stages of death and dying to a case study. Remember to use intervention strategies in your essay.

You should also address the following in your written Assignment:

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  • Identify how the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention works in this case, explaining and applying each stage of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention to the case study.
  • Identify how Kubler-Ross’ five stages of death and dying play a critical role in helping this couple, identifying and explaining what stage each person is in.
  • Using critical thinking skills identify the clients’ issues and ethical considerations, as a part of Stage B of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.
  • Based on Stage C of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, what coping strategies might you recommend helping this couple?

Click to see the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.

Click the Case Study icon to watch a presentation of the case study for this Assignment. Click the Script icon for a text version of the case study if you prefer to read, save, or print it.

Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers. When referencing the text, APA formatting must be used. Information regarding APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. APA formatting dictates how your paper should appear on each page.

Your essay should include:

  • An APA-formatted title page
  • A body length of a minimum of 3 pages (minimum of 5 pages including title page and reference page)
  • An APA-formatted reference page with in-text citations

In addition, make sure you:

  • An introduction and a conclusion
  • Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides
  • Use standard 12-point font size
  • Use standard double-spacing
  • Use left-aligned text; do not right-justify



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