.1. Which of the following is NOT included in The Web Accessibility Initiative?   a.  Don’t rely on color alone.   b.Clarify natural language usage.   C. Design for device-independence.   d. Provide discounted software for the underprivileged. .2. Beginning in the upper left corner of a spread sheet, where would you look to find cell C6?   a.  Three rows down and six columns right.   b.  Six rows down and three columns right.   C. Three columns down and six rows right.   d. Six columns down and three rows right. 3. The Internet is BEST described as a vast _______ connection of computer networks that also link to smaller networks.   a.  worldwide   b.  nationwide   c.  government   d.  private .4. Markup is BEST defined as:   a. highlighted terms.   b. hidden descriptive web page text.   c.images.   d.  web domain name. .5. The Internet originated from which of the following?   a. AOL   b.  ARPAnet   c.  NASA   d. DoD 6. Which of the following is NOT a computer protocol?   a.  FTP   b.  SMTP   c.  ISP   d. TCP 7. Information is sent on the Internet in:   A.  packets.   b. pockets.   c.  switches.   d.  samples. 8. Which of the following BEST describes the difference between an intranet and internet?   a.  An intranet is public, an internet is private.   b.  An internet is public, an intranet is private.   c.  An internet provides an email function, an intranet does not.   d.  An intranet provides an email function, an internet does not. 9. A computer network is BEST described as two or more computers that are:   a. linked together.   b.  In the same room.    c.  a computer has an email application installed.   d. Linked together in different locations. 10. A device that is connected to the Internet is known as a:   a.  Nexus.   b. Backbone.   c.  Node.   d.  Link.

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