In the articles, “Cloud Databases: A Paradigm Shift in Databases” and  “Privacy in the digital age:  A review of information privacy research in information systems,” discussions are presented that outline the latest research in information privacy—a concern that has been multiplied by the advent of cloud computing. In the articles, considerable emphasis is given to the loss of control suffered by individuals as their information becomes more and more vulnerable to the whims of unethical hackers. Should we, as information systems professionals, be concerned about information privacy? Should we worry about the loss of control we suffer from having our personal information available to virtually everyone? These are just some questions that come to mind with present-day dilemmas caused by the vulnerabilities of one of our most valued assets—our information. In at least 250 words, write your own question that involves our responsibilities and/or attitudes toward cloud computing and information privacy. Answer this question from a research-based, worldly viewpoint. For example, a question might be “Should we, as information professionals and users, be concerned with the lack of privacy in this digital age we live in?” Arguments outlining the vulnerabilities inherent in cloud computing could be provided to support a need for concern.