For this week’s Individual Work you will compare and contrast the probation officer to the parole officer. What are the five primary similarities?                                         What are the five primary differences?                                         What are the educational requirements for becoming a probation officer?                                         What are the educational requirements for becoming a parole officer? Writing Tips:Organize your paper in paragraph form beginning with a paragraph defining the topic (What is probation? What is parole?)                                         Next, compose a paragraph about the five similarities of the probation officer. Then compose a paragraph about the similarities of the parole officer.                                         Do the same thing for educational requirements. Proof-read your paper aloud to yourself or someone else to ensure it “sounds correct” when read. This makes a huge difference and the process will help improve your writing tremendously.                                         The deliverable length of your homework assignment is 350 words, two double spaced pages (does not include title page or reference page).                                         Remember to create in-text citations for every source you use to create a sentence for your paper.                                         Every in-text citation must have a corresponding reference on the reference page of your paper.                                         All homework assignments must be in APA format. They must have a title page, body, and reference page.