certain gaps


A needs assessment is an important tool because it helps an organization to determine certain gaps that are preventing the company from reaching its desired goals. The most prevalent issue that the community struggles with is the quality and cost of food products that are manufactured by different companies. Food is an essential need to all members of a community and if the cost of food is high in regard to their income levels it will lead to poor diets hence leading to health disparities, (Fanzo, 2018). This issue can benefit from a needs assessment where the food industry needs to consider reviewing the quality and cost of products they supply in the local markets.

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A needs assessment is necessary because it helps determine if the services provided to a particular population is effective or is shrinking and also boosts the generation of a new plan that can address the needs of a particular population, (CCHD. (n.d). If costs of food are reduced and health food is processed diseases can be prevented and lives can be improved. The target population that can help provide relevant data and opinions about this issue includes the low income earners in this community. There is a need for new data to be collected about the social issue and the methods of study used in the dissertation include focus groups like the low income earners, the manufacturing industries, and the general public, web-based surveys, interviews, and community forums. The key stakeholders can be located by the use of stratified random sampling where the population can be divided into small groups to represent the entire population, (Bhat, (n.d). This is important because annual income divisions can provide data that is relevant to spending on the cost of foods.



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