For those student who were assigned the New Belgium Brewing case, read Case 5: New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibilty found in the textbook on pages 355-362 and answer each of the following:Based upon what you learned in the case, how would you describe New Belgium Brewery’s view of their level of social responsibility (as it relates to Figure 2.3 in the text) ?  = 3 pointsHow has NBB taken a strategic approach to addressing these issues? = 4 pointsSome segments of society vigorously contend that companies that sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products cannot be socially responsible organizations because of the nature of their primary products.  Do you believe that NBB’s actions and initiatives are indicative of an ethical and socially responsible corporation? Explain. = 4 pointsDo you feel that NBB’s concern for the environment is morally based or merely a strategic marketing move? = 4 points Please read the those pages carefully, then answer the following questions. No words limited for each question, but you must answer each question directly and clearly. please post it on time, and note this is not an essay.