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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses business communications trends paper.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses business communications trends paper. Current Trends in Business Communication Business communication is essential for the smooth operations of anybusiness entity. This function is, however, not as simple as it may sound since dynamism is the order of the day. An example is the recent trend in application of visual aids in simplifying and organizing the presentation of business information. These provide, to the users, a sequence and order of the documentation presented. This type of communication is utilized in a wide range of information presentation like sales figures, market data, and financial information among others. The type of information mentioned helps in key ideas’ highlighting.

Visual-aid is just but a form of business communication by a company to the stakeholders. It only presents a type of the numerous approaches to business communication applied recently. This study is going to have a comprehensive look at this issue of trends in business communication.

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As technology takes steps forward, the business communication factor follows suit. The olden days were signified by people writing letters. Meetings were usually one on one and were mostly concluded with a handshake. Business communication has undergone a series of changes, though. A major illustration of this fact’s support is the electronic tools’ innovation for utilization in the communication of business issues. There are brand new devices and software programs entering the market as days go by.

Despite the fact that the changes in business communication may sound a simple occurrence, the implementation of the new systems and also helping employees in their taking up of the new functions is no walk in the park. It involves complexities and huge investments of capital. The devices coming up may include PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), wikis, as well as teleconference. These are set to upgrade the levels of productivity and communication to clients alike.

E-mails have been taken up as one of the major approaches to business communication to clients and workers as well. As many as 84 million of business e-mails are sent per day according to the 2008 estimate by IDC- a consultancy firm for research. Information overload is a major setback brought about by this type of communication, however. Most of the players in the corporate world are continuously assimilating information with regards to clients by sending them to make use of company websites. These websites usually contain the company’s information in one common place.

Telecommunicating is also another type of business communication which though augmented, is yet to be faced out. Most of the work-days are often spent by people on phone trying to streamline the operations of the business. This may serve as a follow up on e-mails or even be applied together with e-mails.

Another of the recent trends in communication by the business world is the Communication Management System approach. One main example of this trend is the system of underwriting management by carriers of insurance. Applications can automatically be uploaded by agents who can constantly have access to their stations of work. Online chats are also a possibility with this approach to share more information. These types or approaches to business communication are just but few to aid in illustrating how the business trends are taking difference courses as time goes by and new types of communication are discovered. (, 2010)

Work cited: One main example of this trend is the system of underwriting management by carriers of insurance.


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