Artifact Discussion Forum

Select your artifact: After you have read the handout discussing the final paper, post the artifact you would want to write about for this final paper, along with your initial thoughts on why this is a good text to analyze.  Please select artifact circulating in American culture that  represents one of the two themes we’ve discussed in this course: sexuality/trans issues and/or incarcerations.  An artifact can be any popular text, such as a movie, song or music video, TV show, image, video, blog, etc. Your artifact should be short, something you can analyze in a few pages, so if you use a TV show or film or book, select a trailer or a SPECIFIC SCENE. 

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For this discussion forum please:

1. Post some version of your text: literally upload it. We want to see and hear and feel the text so we can all help you analyze it

2. Describe the artifact in detail. Include a description of the plot, story, or central theme. Include visual and auditory details.

3. Describe its context. Here are some questions that will help you identify the context:

  • Who created it–and how does their race, class, gender, sexuality inform the message?
  • What larger discourse or controversy does it respond to?
  • What is happening in the historical moment of this artifact?
  • What are key political issues (ie war, terrorism, immigration, welfare reform, environmental protection, etc)? How does the artifact connect to these?
  • Who benefits from its message or imagery? Who is excluded or harmed by it?

4. Explore what others said about the artifact. Depending on your artifact, this may include:

  • Summarize a news report about the artifact. Remember to cite your sources
  • Discuss what 1 or more critics said about the artifact. 
  • Identify any controversy about the artifact or its creator
  • Identify the awards or accolades granted to the artifact or its creator
  • Discuss the artifact’s financial profile and distribution 

Grading: You will receive 80% credit for selecting a strong text and offering some insightful arguments for why you chose it and how you intend to analyze it. Post TWO substantive replies to your peers for 20%. Search entries or author Filter replies by unread     Reply

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