Applicability of concepts to daily advanced nursing practice

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I need for tomorrow only the theme with the “relevant MSN essential” they will use. 

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THEORY PRESENTATION  (Important 20% final grade)

APA style. Multiples references. Due day in 4 days (Monday 8 pm) Plagiarism free (report)

Prepare for analysis via virtual class presentation.

Presentations will be submitted via Blackboard under Assignments

Each presentation should consist of minimum 20 slides and be submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint document.

Your presentation needs to include all of the following: 

A. -Learning objectives for presentation

-Brief background on theorist

-Relevance of the theory in current healthcare

3 points

A. -Appropriateness of theory to role of nurse practitioner

-Key concepts of theory

-Applicability of concepts to daily advanced nursing practice

Relevance to MSN Essentials

10 points

C. -Critique (Evaluation of theory’s strengths, weaknesses, and discussion of future practice implications)                                                                                                    5 points

A. –Creativity (graphs, statistics and graphics should be included in presentation)

-Organization of presentation (Bullet points & excerpts only, slides should not be cluttered or contain lengthy paragraphs)                                                                                                      2 points


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