an artwork dealing

Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignments are considered minimum requirements. Read and follow instructions exactly and carefully. Five (5) points for following all instructions.

In this assignment, you are creating an artwork dealing with a social issue you deem important. 

First, pick a topic or theme that is important to you. What do you feel is the most important issue going on today for you? Using the following themes consider (although I am open to more ideas): community, spirituality, cycle of life, political leaders and rulers, war, and revolution, social conscience, the body, or identity, race, and gender. Independently identify at least two (2) reasonable, insightful, creative ideas/questions to pursue when doing the research.

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After you have decided on your broad topic or theme, start narrowing down your focus. For instance, say you personally have chosen the topic of the body. That is too large of a topic to focus on one artwork and therefore, could be an artist entire life’s work. So, now, you say obesity is an issue you want to explore. You could look at it through the lens of social demands, health concerns, or cost to society and individuals. I want you to narrow your focus as much as possible to create one single message in your artwork.

Post your thoughts in at least 300 words. Dig in deep and let me know what you believe, are saying and why. 

Do NOT wait till the last minute to submit your assignments.  If you are having difficulty in submitting your assignment, contact the IT department. Check the IT department for their hours of operation. 


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