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Agonist-to-Antagonist Spectrum

The agonist-to-antagonist spectrum of action refers to  the action that is taken by a neurotransmitter to produces a  conformational change (Stahl, 2013).  The spectrum starts with the  agonist action, which, with the help of a second-messenger, can turn on  the full potential of change (Stahl, 2013). Full agonists can be natural  transmitters used to produce change.  An antagonist blocks the  conformational change of the potential of the transmitter for binding  with the intended agonist (Stahl, 2013).  The role of the antagonist is  to keep the receptors in a baseline state in order to reverse what the  agonist has done (Stahl, 2013). This is the opposite end of the spectrum  and seeks to block agonists.  In the middle, some partial agonists  mimic its agonist partner to a lesser degree, and inverse agonists stop  all activity from occurring on the receptor (Stahl, 2013).  The  conformational change is needed for a receptor to open to the action of  drugs, particularly, psychopharmaceutical medications in this case.

G couple proteins and Ion gated channels

G couple proteins are used at the binding site of a  neurotransmitter to act as a conduit for enzymes (Stahl, 2013). Whereas,  ion gated channels exist as targets to regulate chemical  neurotransmitters (Stahl, 2013).  Ion gated channels consist of channels  and receptors that can only be opened by the neurotransmitters.   Conversely, G couple proteins attach to neurotransmitters and conform to  enzymes to serve as a channel for a second messenger (Stahl, 2013).   Most psychotropic medications aim for the ion gated channels, which open  through chemical neurotransmission and initiate the signal transduction  cascade (Stahl, 2013).  The cascade results in faster uptake of  psychotropic medications into the system.

The Role of Epigenetics


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