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Faculty Advisor Dr. Adrienne Baggs (      Academic Counselor

Program of Study: MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

(60 credit hours)

Course # Core Course Name Grade Term/ Year Taken Comments or

Transfer Courses

PC6106-NAC Foundations of Mental Health Counseling Spring 1 2019
PC6300-NAC Professional and Ethical Issues Spring 2 2019
PC6025-NAC Human Growth and Development Summer 1 2019
PC6000-NAC Counseling Theory Summer 2 2019
PC6104-NAC Counseling Skills I Fall 1 2019
Portfolio Review I Fall 1 2019
PC6014-R Residency I November 2019
Course # Core Course Name Grade Term/ Year Taken Comments or Transfer Courses
PC6521-NAC Research and Program Evaluation Fall 2 2019
PC6515-NAC Multicultural Diversity and Advocacy
PC6505-NAC Group Counseling
PC6712-NAC Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders
PC6525-NAC Appraisal and Assessment
Portfolio Review II
PC6712-R Residency II
Course # Core Course Name Grade Term/ Year Taken Comments or Transfer Courses
PC6803-NAC Trauma Impact and Counseling
PC6600-NAC Career and Lifestyle Development
PC6700-NAC Couples and Family Counseling
PC6105-NAC Counseling Skills II
PC6900-NAC Substance Abuse Counseling
Portfolio Review III
PC6900-R Residency III (Comprehensive Exam during Residency III)
Course # Course Name (Core Courses must be completed prior to beginning Counseling Practicum) Grade Term/ Year Taken Comments or Transfer Courses
PC6410-NAC Counseling Practicum (100 hours)
Elective (Taken anytime after Residency II)
Elective (Taken anytime after Residency II)
PC6416-NAC Counseling Internship I (450 hours)
Portfolio Review IV
PC6416-R Residency IV
PC6417-NAC Counseling Internship II (450 hours)

Electives: PC6030-NAC Psychopathology and Assessment; PC6200-NAC Human Sexuality; PC6440-NAC Child & Adolescent Counseling; PC6814-NAC Forensic Counseling; PC6816-NAC Psychopharmacology for Counseling; PC6818-NAC Integrating Spirituality in Counseling.

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