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Money is an unspoken universal language.  Money does not buy happiness but if learned correctly it is a tool for abundance.  The money market is a gamification of wealth, a game that can change your life. Learn fundamentals in this course.

Optional Course Name:   Introduction to Money & Financial Markets

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Course Description:

In this course you will study 3 chapters from a book in the AIU library: Money, Banking & Financial Markets.  You will study chapters 1, 2 and 3 to understand the concepts of Money and Financial Markets. This knowledge is important to understand the system that manages money in an economy.

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You can download the book for the exam from the exam link below.


Study Material:

AIU library book:  Money, Banking & Financial Markets, Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Link to Exam & Questions:

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Assignment Submission: 

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Course Created by Dean of Academic Affairs


Sandra Rodriguez

AIU Tutor


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Note: This course can be completed to development your knowledge if you find this subject interesting. You can submit the assignment for 3 credits. The course name will appear on your AIU transcript. These are optional courses and can only be 30% of your total courses.every month to stay active in AIU. 


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