Watch video entitled “Module 4 – Transfomer Circuits”For Laboratory Application Assignment on pgs. 600-601 examine Fig. 19-47.Using a turns ratio of 10:1, perform all required calculations in the following sections:Unloaded SecondaryRL = 100ohmsRL = 50ohmsRL = 25ohmsScan all calculations showing all work in a file called “Lab4_Analysis_StudentID”.Upload file “Lab4_Analysis_StudentID”Simulation: Construct the circuit in Fig. 19-47 with MultiSIM with a 10:1 transformerConfirm all calculations in Step 3 with measures in MultiSIMCapture a screenshot of measured values and paste into a Word document entitled “Lab4_Simulation_StudentID”Answer all questions in the following sections in the same document:Unloaded SecondaryRL = 100ohmsRL = 50ohmsRL = 25ohmsHere is figure 19-47 IMG_0248[1].JPGIMG_0247[1].JPG