IMG_0235[1].JPGIMG_0236[1].JPGIMG_0237[1].JPGIMG_0238[1].JPGIMG_0239[1].JPGIMG_0240[1].JPGIMG_0241[1].JPGIMG_0242[1].JPGI need this done ASAP ONLY even number problems. and Make sure all questions have an answer not 20 X 400 there must me the final answer!!Capacitance and Capacitive Reactance Work Problems 16-2 – 16-28, (Even problems only), pg. 504-507Work Problems 17-2 – 17-32, (Even problems only), pg. 526-528Scan all work and save it for upload with the title: “HW2_StudentID”, with your student id substituted in the file name.  Show all work for full credit.