a test

PART1-What is meant by the utility of a test? What are factors that affect a test’s utility?

What stood out to you or surprised you?

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PART2- PLEASE SEE JOURNALS ATTACHED BELOW TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT!!!Write a 155-word analysis of how you developed your instrument.

Describe how you would norm this instrument and which reliability measures you would use.
Discuss how many people you would give it to.
Describe the characteristics that your respondents would have.
Explain to whom the instrument would be generalized.
Describe how you would establish validity.
Describe the methods you used for item selection.
Discuss whether or not cut-off scores would be established.
Explain how item selection will be evaluated.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

ONLY 155 WORDS FOR MY PART!!!THIS IS THE ONLY PART YOU WILL ANSWER Describe the characteristics that your respondents would have. a test


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