a perceived lack

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Week #7:  Time, or a perceived lack of time, is one of the most commonly named sources of stress. What are your strengths as a time manager?  What are your greatest weaknesses? Discuss one thing in your life you wish to prioritize and create more time for.

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Week #8:  What would you like to be true in the future that is not true now? Pick a one year time frame and if you had the perfect year then…1) What would you want to be different this year? 2) What would you try or learn? 3) What would you end?

4) What would you want to start?

Week #9:  Your choice…you pick the topic.

Examinations – You will have a Midterm and Final examination in this class. These exams will focus on your assigned readings as well as material discussed in class. The format for the Midterm exam will be true/false, multiple choice and short answer essay. The Final exam will be a short answer take home essay examination.


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