a complete set


  1. Choose a topic. : African-Americans should have dual citizenship to Africa due to slavery
  2. Create  of notecards.
  3. Create a complete outline.
  4. Create a manuscript.
  5. Write an evaluation of your speech presentation identifying strengths and weaknesses. This must be at least two paragraphs long.
  6. Write a Speech Analysis Essay
  7. 1st paragraph — Identify the audience, the occasion, and the purpose.
  8. 2nd paragraph — Explain your weaknesses (at least two) as identified on the rubric. What could you do to make improvements?
  9. 3rd paragraph — Explaining your main strengths (at least one) as identified on the rubric.
  10. 4th paragraph — Answer these questions: Was my presentation appropriate for my audience? Why or why not? Was my presentation appropriate for the occasion? Why or why not? Did the purpose of my speech accomplish its goal? Why or why not?
  11. 5th paragraph — Write a concluding paragraph explaining what you learned from this Activity concerning giving speech presentations.


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