#12 Future Vision Seminar Week 6: Is Knowledge Power?

Congratulations on reaching the last week of our Future Vision seminar.  By now, you know all that is possible and all that YOU are capable of, but what does it all mean without action?  Let us finish this holistic seminar with a bang in this journey towards exponential growth.

You have potential. Your potential will blossom as naturally as a flower as you continue to feed your knowledge with learning. Knowledge and understanding is the fuel to reach your destination of abundance.

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Is knowledge power or is action power?  This course will explore how knowledge can set us free and help us reach our goals IF we lose fear and take action.  What unseen opportunities await you for a more abundant life? Even as we limit ourselves and as life seems to limit us, we can find motivations for greatness.

Assignment: This is the 6th week of a 6-week series, which will guide you to see if knowledge is power or is action power? There are 6 assignments. Each assignment receives 1 credit.

Watch this video to break paradigms of how you view Knowledge. The video shows the power of knowledge to liberate your life.

Week 6 Video: The importance of knowledge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMgw5LbuqG4

You answer these 6 questions to receive a 100% grade just for answering the questions! The answers should add up to 400 words.

1. How is knowledge gained?

2. What does it mean to be addicted to learning?

3. What role does curiosity play in the gaining of knowledge?

4. What is the power of knowledge to liberate you towards a more abundant life.?

5. How are you able to learn something new and wonderful every day of your life?

6. How does your awareness of the importance of knowledge break the paradigms of your life to reach your maximum potential?


Please complete this assignment in a word document following our resource guide and submit via your student portal to receive credit.

You are expanding your knowledge with AIU in a multidisciplinary method. You have freedom and focus to be unique and unrepeatable in your studies. Read as much as you can. Question as much as you can. Wonder as much as you can. Then apply your knowledge to reach your maximum potential to improve your life for your family and community.

Congratulations on completing this 6-week seminar series. You have done an amazing job. Stay tuned for our new seminar series next week for Your Disruptive Innovation. 


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